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Live Lean Rx PERFECT MACROS Meal Replacement

With the help of Dr. Todd Miller, Live Lean Rx has created a fantastic tasting meal replacement shake that is a great choice for those who want a quick, high-quality meal in a hurry.  Unlike single source proteins, PERFECT MACROS provides Branched Chain Amino Acids plus a 30-gram blend of whey, casein, and egg white proteins, to ensure that amino acid levels increase rapidly and remain elevated throughout the day.  These amino acids provide the building blocks needed to stimulate muscle growth during training or weight reduction.  Thirty grams of high-quality carbs, with only 3 grams of added sugar, provide the energy you need to keep you going between meals, or to recover after a workout.  With 6 grams of high-quality fiber and a host of micronutrients, PERFECT MACROS meal replacement shake is a high protein, low fat meal that you can easily enjoy 24/7.